Horní Věstonice is situated at the foot of the Pálava Hills. The protected area of ​​Pálava, the nature reserve Věstonická nádrž and a small part of the national nature reserve Děvín also reach into the area of ​​783 ha. Currently, 483 inhabitants live here.

The village was founded shortly before 1312 on the then property of Děvičky castle. In 1334, the Mikulov estate and the Děvičky castle were acquired by the Liechtensteins. Since then, for more than 500 years, fate has been closely linked to this manor. In a document from 1336 the village is called Nové Věstonice - Novo-Wistanicz. The village as the Upper Vestonice is first mentioned in 1414 in the Liechtenstein urbarium.

In 1769 was built and consecrated church. Rozálie, which 84 years later underwent a thorough reconstruction. Among the protected monuments is also registered a parish building from the last quarter of the 18th century, a cross at the church, a statue of St. Florian on the village square and the wayside shrine at the turning to Perná on the way to Mikulov.

In the village are the remains of the least known third castle on the Pavlov Hills - Neuhaus, New Castle. The castle was built by Moravian margrave Jan Jindřich in the years 1368 to 1376 to defend the land border and as a counterweight to the neighboring Liechtenstein property. At the time of the war, he also got into the hands of the Liechtenstein and was probably destroyed during the Hussite campaign of South Moravia in 1426.

Horní Věstonice is a popular tourist destination. The village has a number of accommodation options and there is also an interesting selection of wines from local winemakers. There is a small shop in the village, great bus connection to other popular destinations - Mikulov, Lednice, Bavory, Pavlov, Perna, Hustopece. Nearby is also near Pasohlavky Aqualand Moravia with many attractions especially for families with children, on the other hand, near the Austrian border you can visit the more peaceful spa Laa.

The location is attractive for cyclists, who are available many cycle paths. Mušov Lakes offers activities for lovers of water sports.

In the village in the season offers a restaurant Pod Martinkou and restaurant Bouquet, you can also visit the tasting cellar Veltlinium 1874, or open cellars in the lower and upper part of the village.

In Horní Věstonice, a number of interesting events are regularly held - carnival, open cellars, wine tasting, costumed feast or lighting up the Christmas tree.

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